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10 best Nursery Schools in Pune

Pune is one of India’s most liked cities and has long been the preferred destination for people to settle in. This has received a further boost on account of the fact that it has now become a major technology hub and is home to a large number of young technology professionals.

If you are one of those and are concerned about finding a “nursery school near me” for your little one, there’s nothing to worry about. Pune has a large number of nursery and world-class Montessori schools.

Let us look at some of the most highly regarded ones-

Orchids the International School

The Orchids’ Early Years Program deploys the play way and Montessori method of learning to enhance your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. You would do well to put your child there and see him or her blossom before your very eyes.

Eurokids Preschool

They come highly recommended on account of their “Child First” philosophy as well as a curriculum that makes a child play, learn and grow to enable them to inculcate essential life skills by exploring and discovering. They encourage the use of scientifically designed games, toys, and technology that ensure a child’s well-being and development while keeping the parents in the loop.

Kinderbrook Preschool

Kinderbrook is an exceptional kindergarten that provides a comfortable and home-like environment for your child – something that is so important for a little child’s the very first school. A little very first experience of school must be such that he or she sees learning as a joyful experience. This kindles a lifelong love of learning in a child. 

Olympia National School

The nursery students in this Montessori school are taught according to the belief that for a small child, playing and learning are the same things and what is educational is exactly what is fun. The child learns by the very process of living in an enjoyable manner akin to play. This is just the kind of environment in which your little one will thrive and learn to the best of his or her ability. 

GIIS Balewadi

This school is really exceptional in that it offers a Global Montessori Plus program that is all about a hands-on approach to encourage young learners to be more participative as well as creative.

The school ensures that kindergarten students are exposed to experience-based methods that allow each individual to learn via an extensive and comprehensive curriculum composed of the 5 pillars of development.

Amanora School

This is one of the leading schools of Pune and its nursery section is a place where the little children feel safe, secure and much loved. It really is a second home for the little ones who get to fall with the whole idea of going to school and learning in that very enabling environment. Besides, the fact that they have obtained admission in a much-acclaimed CBSE school augurs well for their future.

Sanskriti School Bavdhan

This is both one of the leading nursery and CBSE schools in Pune.  The junior wing of the school is known as Sanskriti Kids and happens to be the only such place in that part of Pune to offer the entire range of services about the special needs of this age group. Just the kind of place that your little ones could start their educational journey at.

Smart Kidz Wakad

Smart Kidz is a well-regarded co-ed school with a curriculum that takes into account the psychology and overall development of children. There is more space for activities that can be carried out in a secure and hygienic environment. They also provide admission to children with special needs. 

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This school is committed to providing the best possible environment in the world to children that small. Its success is based on its very well-researched curriculum customized to help small children in their early childhood years develop in the best possible manner. The instruction style takes into account the varying needs of the children in terms of the learning style that best suits them.

Cambridge Montessori School, Viman Nagar

This is a world-class pre-school whose hallmark is an innovative Mind Lab as well as a workshop facility. Besides they have extremely well-trained staff who go to great lengths to prepare lessons for small children. All the children get individual attention and get to learn equally well. They also get to participate in a lot of fun activities.


With its year-long salubrious weather and cosmopolitan vibe, Pune is the town to grow up in. Thankfully, it has some of the best schools in the country including nursery and Montessori ones. So no more looking for ‘nursery school near me, choose the right one and lay the foundation for education for your little ones.

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