15 Unique Ways to Make Your Product Packaging More Appealing for Customers

Selling a product is one thing but making it intriguing for customers to go and buy it is another. What’s even more important is that once they buy your product, you need to ensure that your product stands out from the rest on the shelves, and this can be done by having striking and unique packaging designs. Using these easy ways, you can easily make custom vape cartridge packaging and make your business successful in the market. Now let’s take a look at fifteen ways of doing just that:

1) Add Some Typography

Adding some typography like handwritten text or quotes not only adds uniqueness to your packaging but also leaves an impact on the minds of customers who may keep coming back for more if the design appeals to them. It also helps brand recognition as people see such logos on boxes pretty often these days. Take, for example, Pottery Barn’s font designs which have become very popular, and the company uses it across its products and advertisements.

2) Add Some Texture

Adding texture to your packaging can be a good idea as it gives customers a different feeling when they touch the box or bag that holds your product. You can try using unique textures for this purpose, such as metallic boxes that give a luxury look to products like jewelry, making them stand out from others on the shelf. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that the material of your choice is safe for use with food products if you’re planning on selling these items.

3) Try Reusable Packaging

While we all love saving money, we also want something we can make use of over and over again and then recycle or dispose of responsibly. With this in mind, reusable packaging is a sure way to give customers something they can use more than once. Not only does it save them money over time, but it also ensures you’ll have fewer boxes on-site, which means less work for your staff and more space to store products!

4) Choose Packaging That Includes the Product Itself

Many consumers are looking for ways to go greener with their shopping habits these days. To help meet that demand, consider choosing packaging options that include the product itself. For example, some companies sell straws that are attached directly to bubble tea drinks, so the customer doesn’t have any extra waste when enjoying their drink au Naturelle.

5) Make Use of Custom Packaging

If you’re selling an item that is perfectly suited for customization, take advantage of this opportunity to offer your customers something unique. For example, pet stores can customize their packaging with pet names, so packages don’t get mixed up in the store and products are returned to the correct owner!

6) Use Recyclable Packaging

As mentioned previously, many consumers today are looking for ways to go greener with their shopping habits. Be sure to consider using recyclable packaging if you want your product to appeal to eco-conscious shoppers!

7) Design Packaging That Can Be Easily Opened by Hand

It seems like much of the world has gone digital these days, but that doesn’t mean paperless or eco-friendly packaging is the way to go. In fact, a study from Mintel found that 57% of consumers prefer paper packaging over other types because it feels more “real” to them. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of custom printing for your outside and inside packaging!

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8) Customize Your Packaging with Your Logo or Brand Name

Shoppers love when companies make their branding recognizable. When your logo appears on each package, it helps customers easily identify your company’s products and will encourage them to check out what you offer.

9) Include an Attached Coupon or Promo Code on Your Product Packaging

This is an easy way to get more people to use your online store! Including a promo code attached with each product sends the message that you want your customers to save. Customers will be excited about nothing-down shopping, and they’ll love you forever because of it!

10) Design Your Product Packaging in Fun Colors and Bright Patterns

Inexpensive custom options like stickers come in every color of the rainbow, so there’s no reason why you can’t deck out all of your packaging in fun colors! If patterns are more up your alley, choose some bold ones that stand out – including small ones on labels, tape, etc. – to make your products look even more enticing.

11) Flip Out Your Packaging to Make It Stand Out Even More!

If you’re looking for ways to stand out, this one is perfect for you! Try creating packaging that flips open to display the product. This makes it easy for customers to see what they’re buying and opens up a whole new world of possibilities with your design. You could place graphics on each side or start a trend by only designing the top portion! The options are endless with this clever idea.

12) Keep Packaging Clean and Simple

Although adding shiny graphics or fun colors can attract attention, consumers tend to appreciate clean designs just as much – if not more so than flashy ones. Sometimes simpler is better. Once you have picked your design, try removing all extra copies or other decorative elements so that the packaging is left with only the essentials.

13) Take Advantage of Zones

We’re sure you are familiar with zones – one for graphics and another for a copy. However, did you know that there are other types too? There are two types of zones on a package. The first is the ‘Hot Zone’. This includes information about how to heat up food or where to recycle. The other type is the ‘Weird Zone’. This includes anything that does not belong in other specific zones.

14) Get Creative with Arrows

Arrows can be used to great effect when placed strategically on a package. Not only can they be used to highlight something, but they have the added benefit of taking up space. If you’re struggling to include information on a package, try adding an arrow or two!

15) Use Your Unique Selling Proposition

When someone is buying your product, make it easy for them. Make your USP part of the packaging design and add it to custom boxes wholesale. You should put your USP on the front of the package. That way, people will see it and you will know that they saw it.


After reading this blog post, you have got a better idea of how packaging design can help you to improve your business. These are just a few of the many ways that you can use designs as an effective marketing strategy.

You need to know more than just putting your logo on something. You also need to pay attention to detail.

Packaging is more than just containers for products. It is one of the most critical aspects of any advertising campaign because it is what entices customers to buy your product instead of someone else’s offering on the store shelf or online store. Your customers will always choose whichever item they think looks better, so make sure yours stands out!

The tips from earlier might not guarantee that you will be successful in your marketing efforts, but they certainly increase the chances of success. If you want to take advantage of product packaging, then you have to put a lot more effort into it than just slapping your logo on a box and calling it good. Thanks for reading!


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