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A Pre school admission form – A parent’s vicarious adventure with their child

Simply the idea of having children would have been mind-boggling as a bachelor. Who knew you would reach such a stage? We were all instruments of the economy and the American Dream that having a child and starting a family seemed like the story of another lifetime. There you were, dreaming of evenings at the Biergarten but now you have to face the Kindergarten.

But, for whatever good it may be, here you are, either in the lobby of the school or on its website, understanding where the link for the admission form is and whether it is actually the school you would have chosen for yourself. 

Fret not, this is exactly why this article has been written. So that you, as a parent, do not feel alone and bored. Here we shall take a look at why a kindergarten or a preschool is important and where you should get that pre-school admission form for your little one.

What is the responsibility or role of a kindergarten?

Choosing the appropriate kindergarten school would empower your child’s learning experience. A well-detailed kindergarten program is meant to offer your kid a variety of learning experiences that are interesting and learning-oriented at the same time. Your child’s natural inclination towards learning, and curiosity for his/her surrounding would amplify through exposure to the outside world. Thus it is important for that exposure to be of the right kind and qualitative in nature. 

Get a good idea about the stability of their results, check their ranks raised or fallen and what was the reason behind that. A high success score is a clear sign of the quality of coaching they are offering to their students. Also, ask the school about how their best students have fared in their higher education.

Kindergarten introduces your child to new ideas and develops problem-solving abilities, along with essential skills like:

  • Learning to coordinate and cooperate with fellow mates
  • Becoming more aware of surroundings
  • Respecting others and understanding and detecting feelings
  • Developing language skills, numeracy, and reading stories
  • Making friends
  • Being acclimated to new concepts and ideas
  • Building confidence
  • Improving communication skills
  • Expressing creativity through art, dance, and other forms
  • Developing academic and intellectual skills like reading, writing, and counting

Best international schools in Bangalore, like the Global Indian International School, offer internationally recognized curricula like the Global Montessori Plus program that is famous across 7 different countries in which GIIS is present. This program is very much like what any parent nowadays should be looking for when it comes to nursery or kindergarten education because it takes the teachings of the legendary Maria Montessori and infuses with it, modern teaching methods for future-proofing a child’s academic journey.

To elucidate, their method is based on a 5 Pillar methodology along with their Plus program that makes GIIS one of the best international schools in Bangalore for kindergarten starters-

– An ‘Excelerate’ Programme that offers children fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as providing numeracy skills through maths in a fun and interesting manner

– A Multi-faceted Learning that nurtures the child’s inherent personalities as well as help their intellectual capacities to grow steadily

– The iPlay Programme, or pillar, encourages children to accumulate information and assimilate it which in turn inculcates in them the skills of independence, cooperation, and management along with physical, social-emotional, and cognitive student development

– The iCare Programme teaches the child, universal values of compassion, kindness, and giving

– Last but not the least, a Future Ready Programme that includes a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) which develops in them a love for subjects through active participation, encourages their creativity, and polishes their mental capabilities of critical thinking.

So, here was an example of what an ideal kindergarten school can be like in such times. All your energy and effort as a parent should not go in vain and picking up the right pre-school admission form is quite important. An international school offers not just a nursery education but also all other levels which often come with scholarships too. This makes your choice at this stage as a parent even more important than ever. So enjoy the journey, who knows, you might learn a thing or two more than you did when you were in kindergarten.

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