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Best Preschools in Singapore that surpass your expectations! Listed Regionally


Singapore is a home to people of various nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. It is increasingly important in Singapore to have young children, the people of tomorrow, respect and imbibe learning experiences of one another to grow with a Global perspective towards each other regardless of the diversity that exists there. It’s a beautiful opportunity for expats and their families with a freedom to explore and reward their children with a learning juncture that provides the same platform of equal opportunities to every child irrespective of where they come from. Depending on the region and accessibility we’ve shortlisted a few of the best preschools in Singapore.

Punggol is a town located in the Northeastern part of Singapore. This is a new town at a waterfront marching on to become one of the modern towns filled with residential flats, condominiums, recreational facilities with a waterfront living center. Modes of transport are made easy via Punggol MRT station, LRT system and numerous bus lines with Major expressways to and fro with various regions in Singapore. The area also has multiple health care institutions and hospitals and is rich with vivid places of worship for all faiths. The Punggol region is also crowded with some of the best international and local schools, we took the liberty to point your attention towards two such excellent preschools; the best schools in Punggol are as follows:-

GIIS (Global Indian International School) SMART Campus

Being the ideal school as one of the best amongst students and parents in Singapore, GIIS has repetitively been the first choice of school for many of them. Over the period of eighteen years GIIS has become a leading international school in Singapore by showing grandiose success and excellence in students’ individual results. With students from all over the world, GIIS has become a melting pot of cultures that turns their students into Global Citizens in its truest sense. The school updates itself on the best of the curricula and they believe in the philosophy of ‘Schools that Learn’ and their annual progress is a reflection of the same philosophy.

Raffles Kidz International Punggol

Raffles Kidz International is an established premium preschool brand from Singapore. They offer a bilingual inquiry based curriculum by experienced and well trained educators within a quality and innovative learning environment for children. Their mission is to inspire their students into becoming confident and intelligent learners with creativity and integrity. The school motivates their students to strive for excellence and self-improvement, while each one supports one another to achieve common goals. They promote accountability and have a strong sense of personal responsibility.

Tampines is one of the mature estates which is situated in the Eastern side of Singapore.  The region is revamped with many recreational centers, new and exciting developments. It consists of three shopping malls, 21 schools and three MRT stations. It has become the perfect place to raise a budding family due to ample amenities in its vicinity. Some of the best preschools here are as follows:-

Rosemount International School

This pre school was established in 1999 which was formerly known as Rosemount Kindergarten. It is a private international school in Singapore that provides schooling at the preparatory level and junior school levels. Their curriculum is based on a philosophy that encourages students to enquire, discover and communicate through an integrated as well as an interdisciplinary approach towards learning and understanding. At this school it is a mix of highly trained teachers, demanding yet flexible curriculum and an individual approach to learning which allows for students to reach their maximum potential.

 SFA Eduhearts International School

SFA Eduhearts International School is also known as SFAEIS is a private educational institute registered with CPE. They welcome different races from all over the world who wish to seek admission into this school. SFAEIS believes that education is not a preparation for life but it is life itself. By respecting every students’ individuality and ideas, they incidentally also believe that sharing those ideas as they say that a single idea from a human mind can build cities and transform the world. The school’s motto is ‘Sky to Excellence’ and aiming towards success. SFAEIS’s core values that they wish to inculcate in their students are perseverance, responsibility, respect, integrity, determination and empathy. 

Yishun has many things to offer, from various temples, mosques and churches to food stalls offering various cuisines. Every March and November, there are cultural presentations by arts for all, an Initiative of the National Arts Council. There is a serene and tranquil reservoir called Lower Seletar with spectacular views, it is also a nice place for avid kayakers and is a beautiful backdrop for some aesthetic photographers. The place is unnecessarily distinguished by people. However, the local residents and expats will tell you how it’s a myth busting place for all who narrow mindedly believe in the bad rumors of the town.  The neighborhood is filled with residential complexes and preschools. Some of the best sought after preschool in singapore are as follows:-

GEMS World Academy Singapore

GEMS World Academy believes that a good education should prepare students to shape tomorrow and not merely just a part of it. GEMS’s vision is to aspire, act on it and grow. Their mission is to empower an inclusive international community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact one another. They hope to turn their students into change makers of tomorrow. The school believes that high quality teaching and learning results in equipping students to be critical thinkers that appreciate diversity in an increasingly global world.

The Grange Institution

The Grange Institution is a primary international school. They believe that quality education is the first step to inspire our future leaders. The school facilitates the same by providing a dynamic, creative environment and developing responsible and innovative members of the society. By the virtue of teamwork and participation, The Grange Institution tries to instill a sense of belonging in every member within their international community.

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