Cambridge Lower Secondary programme

Cambridge Lower Secondary programme in Japan High schools

Around the world , specially in International Schools we see a growing number of curriculums being adopted to cater to children from different nations with different aptitudes and levels of comfort. One that has truly stood out is the Cambridge International curriculum Now our main point of focus here would be the Cambridge lower secondary programme that cambridge has to offer through the numerous schools the curriculum is adopted by. Before we understand the programme though , let us see what exactly the Cambridge International curriculum comprises and what it is meant to teach our youngsters of today.

Composition and Aims of the Cambridge international Curriculum

The Cambridge IGCSE educational program offers an assortment of courses for students with a wide scope of capacities, including those whose first language isn’t English. 

The curriculum aims at helping  schools fabricate an educational plan around their particular requirements. Beginning from an establishment of center subjects, it is not difficult to add expansiveness and cross-curricular points of view. Urging students to draw in with an assortment of subjects, and make associations between them, is central to the cambridge’s IGCSE  methodology.

There is a two pronged line of objectives that the cambridge curriculum has set out to receive 

  • For Schools

A curriculum that is flexible, stimulating and attracts students to learn further. To ensure this, Cambridge makes sure to support schools with excellent resources, infrastructure, faculty, flexible and stimulating curriculum that is supported with excellent resources and training.

  • For Students

For learners, the curriculum assists them to enhance their academic performance through a development of skills in the area of creative thinking ,inquiry and the ability to be a problem solver. The curriculum is in fact the most apt to prepare your child for the institutes of further education.

Why is the cambridge curriculum advantageous 

There are more than 70 subjects accessible at Cambridge IGCSE, including 30 dialects, and schools can offer them in any combination. Cambridge IGCSE creates student information, comprehension and abilities in: 

  • Subject substance
  • Applying information and comprehension to new just as natural circumstances
  • Scholarly enquiry
  • Adaptability and responsiveness to change
  • Working and imparting in English
  • Impacting results
  • Social mindfulness

Schools worldwide have been engaged with the advancement of Cambridge IGCSE. The prospectuses are worldwide in viewpoint, yet hold a nearby significance. They have been made explicitly for a global understudy body and stay away from social inclination.  High Schools in Japan have taken very positively to the IGCSE method of teaching

What is the contrast between IGCSE Core and IGCSE Extended? 

To consider contrasting capacities, there is a decision among Core and Extended educational program papers in certain subjects. 

The Core educational program is inside the capacity scope of a larger part of understudies. It’s anything but a full outline of the subject and is focused on understudies expected to accomplish grades C to G. 

The Extended educational program has been intended for the more scholastically capable. It is focused on those who are able to accomplish grades A to E.

Cambridge lower secondary programme

When subjecting a student to the  Cambridge Lower Secondary programme , you can be rest assured that wide and adjusted instruction will be provided to your child  assisting them and helping them flourish all through their tutoring, work and life. With ten subjects to browse, including English, arithmetic and science, students can discover a lot of freedoms to foster inventiveness, articulation and prosperity in an assortment of ways. 

The  educational plan can be shaped around how a student is required to learn and their aptitude. The educational program is adaptable, so you can offer any blend of the subjects accessible and adjust the substance to suit the students  specific situation, culture and ethos. A significant number of Japan High schools offer Cambridge Lower Secondary close by their public educational plan, or as a component of a bilingual program.

The Cambridge lower secondary programme helps assess caliber and potential 

Precisely estimating an understudy’s latent capacity and progress can change learning and help you settle on educated choices about singular students, their instructive requirements and where to center your educating endeavors. 

A considerable number of schools that adopt the Cambridge curriculum  utilize the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme’s testing construction to survey and identify student execution and report progress. Guardians are kept informed of their students’ progress . The curriculum’s evaluations are discretionary, so you can utilize them in any blend to suit your specific situation, culture and ethos.

Top 5 Schools that adopt the Cambridge curriculum 

  1. GIIS ( Global Indian International School, Tokyo )
  2. British School, Tokyo
  3. Saint Maur International School
  4. Seisen International School
  5. Tokyo Bay International School 


It would be safe to say in conclusion that the Cambridge curriculum works in synchronicity with the discipline Japanese education imparts. The Cambridge curriculum is oriented towards academics and successfully excelling at the tasks involved with such studies. The Cambridge curriculum aims at giving students the most advantageous position when selecting Japan high schools and colleges which in turn dictates the success they achieve in life.


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