Encouraging Women towards Technical and Vocational Education

Education is a veritable tool for national development in a cut-throat competitive world. Skills, Training, Productivity, creativity, and unique talents act as a driving force for growth and development. Females are a source of increasing the economic and financial position of a country as well.

Women Education

Women hold up half of the sky. Unluckily around the globe, they not given the position to become an empowered being and make life-changing decisions for themselves and the world.

“When you educate a man, you educate a person. But when you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

Mother is the first teacher who plays a vital role in creating tomorrow’s leaders. It has become necessary to encourage women for technical education for the improvement of living standards and turn them to the breadwinner in times of need.

Encouragement Strategies

1. Parental Influence:

Teaching the guardians of women is one of the main factors. Allowance and educated adults create a better future for the youth of tomorrow. Likewise, educated mothers increase family literacy because strong roots give a fruitful tree.

2. Awareness:

“Awareness campaigns play a vital role in influential access to improve society’s needs”- Ryan Brawn, a Business Analyst at Academist Help

Awareness campaigns among citizens will play a significant role. By the use of radio, television, magazines, newspaper and going house to house, we can educate the public about the long term benefits of technical education. Understanding its influence for a better and advanced life and the role of women in the advancement will motivate them towards technical education for female.

3. Career Counseling:

Counseling will help women to understand better the technical fields in the world and how they can use their power to make a better environment. Teaching them the need for vocational education and how a woman can become an entrepreneur using her educational skills.

4. Platforms to hear the voices of women:

Such platforms must be established where ladies can share their views about the problems they are facing while pursuing technical and vocational education. Moreover, providing appropriate solutions may build their self-confidence. This will help them in pursuing a career without the fear of being hurt.

5. Emphasizing on the positive image:

Teaching them not to reflect themselves towards the negative side to break the stereotypes rather than living in the same old thoughts. Showing how technical education will make their lives better and easier. Encouraging more women towards engineering, vocational activities, and other technical fields may give a sense of motivation to the younger ones.

6. Successful stories of women

“A single lady inspires so many women”- Markley Finch, Marketing Tutor at Australian Master

A successful women story can embark as a major factor to influence the youth of today. When a women’s story shines bright on the book of golden leaders, there’s nothing more inspiring and motivating. Vocational education will give birth to entrepreneurs to add value to the country’s economy.

7. Vocational institutes:

Small professional institutes to teach the basics of vocational activities will help a lot to encourage women to pursue it as a career opportunity. Opening such schools in different areas around the city and hiring female teachers to teach young girls will give them a sense of motivation.

8. Easier access to everyday essentials

Technology is becoming a ubiquitous need for daily lives. In order to cope up with the growing developments around the globe, we need to educate females about technology, its creation, and their practical use. Furthermore, we have to tell them how things are created? and how the structure behind a particular device makes your lives effective and more comfortable.

9. Teachers training:

A supportive and motivated female tutor should be hired in schools that are qualified. Appropriate curriculum and training for the teacher, school’s staff, and other features to provide quality education should be added in technical institutes to apply the practical use of such education.

10. Practical Use:

Technology brought so many revolutionary changes. There are so many ways on how the latest technology can help improve literacy skills and help in effective learning of technical and vocational education. Exposure will lead to more developments to increase family power, and the practical use in education will help women in looking at the bigger picture.

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