Essential Factors in Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Choosing the best school for your child isn’t a decision you want to rush. But if you’re thinking about transferring your child to another school, here’s some advice to help you with the selection process. With a list of factors to check before you make a final decision, you and your little one can get through the experience with less stress and panic. 

Admissions Process

Check the school’s requirements. Is your child eligible to apply to the school? Does your child have the academic qualifications that the school sets for all of the transferees it accepts? Consider the timing, too. If your child is applying in the middle of the academic school year, will the school allow that? Going over the admissions process and requirements helps you determine the documents that you’ll need to prepare to get your child ready for the transfer. 


How far is the school from your home? It can seem like a convenient choice to go for the schools that are near enough so that you can pick up your child and drop them off to school without a hitch. However, if the best school in Ahmedabad is quite a bit of distance away, will you let your kid miss their chance at a high-quality education? Many schools offer school bus options. You might want to look into those transportation setups to help with your decision. 


Is cost a factor? Check out the scholarship options of the school, then. Find out if your child qualifies for the scholarship program. Do the math and find out how much that will save you. Also, what are all the fees that you need to pay for? Even if cost isn’t an issue, you’ll want to make sure you have a list of the fees that you’ll need to cover throughout the academic school year. That way, you can manage the budget much easier. 


What kind of curriculum does the school have? Some use the GSCE and some use the CBSE programme. Which one will provide your child with education that will open doors for them, that will help them get accepted into the best colleges or jobs? Consider the curriculum that focuses on STEM subjects. If your child already has a dream college, though, check the academic requirements of the university and then choose a curriculum that will help your child earn those academic achievements. That’s one way to prepare your kid to get into the university of their choice. 


What extracurricular activities does the school offer? Not all kids excel in STEM subjects. Co-curricular or even extracurricular activities go a long way to provide students with plenty of opportunities to discover and hone their talents and skills. They might excel in sports or writing, or maybe in drama class or chess. These activities also balance out the STEM-heavy curriculum. Students who are passionate about something, who have interests, fare better under pressure. They demonstrate greater motivation and engagement in school, allowing them to perform better and achieve high grades. If your child is only focused on academics, then that could be detrimental to your little one’s overall growth and development. In addition, playing sports or other types of extracurriculars improves the emotional as well as social skills of the kids. 


What is the student to teacher ratio? How many students are in the class? The ratio represents the teacher’s workload. If there are more than 30 students in a class, that cuts down on the time and attention that a teacher can devote to each of the kids. That means your child might not receive any help or assistance from the instructor because they already have their hands full trying to manage an entire class. If the ratio is low, though, then that’s good since teachers have more time to focus on the kids, take note of their individual academic needs, and use the approach of teaching style that’s right for them. 


Does the school have the space and amenities or facilities to support the extracurricular or co-curricular activities and programmes that it offers? Considering the way schools are tasked to follow Covid-19 guidelines, it’s important to choose one that’s sizable enough to offer kids ample space where they can observe social distancing rules with ease. Also, while the shift to online classes now means that kids won’t be going back to school any time soon, that situation isn’t going to last forever. When they do come back, you want your child to have access to facilities that support their interests. 

Learning Environment 

What kind of learning environment does the school offer? Is it supportive of the child or critical? Are the teachers rigid and set in that the students must follow the teachers without questions asked? How do the teachers and students interact with each other?

Keep all these things in mind before you finalize your list or top choice for a school in Ahmedabad.  

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