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Family Medicine Benefits of Using RXNT EHR Software

About RXNT EHR Software

RXNT EHR software is an electronic health record maintenance solution for medical practices that works to create innovative solutions to issues of workflow in medical practices. The software is cloud-based and has security and easy access tools to make your EHR experience as functional as possible at your practice. 

RXNT is a technology trusted by practices across the nation, and with their portable mobile apps that work with both android and Apple products, doctors can be sure to remain connected with their work from just about anywhere. 

In the healthcare industry, more than anywhere else, it is essential that software is responsive to the environment it is placed in. This is exactly what makes RXNT a viable solution for family medicine clinics and other practices.

The focus of the software on streamlined and automated processes helps you manage your clinic in an improved way while making sure your patients and staff are happy too. 

RXNT EHR Software Features

Maximize Interactions With Patients

Your encounters with patients shouldn’t just be about documenting – with RXNT’s latest technology, you get to use automated and customizable templates on the easy-to-navigate interface to quickly create charts so you can spend more time with your patients. 

Order Lab Tests Easily

Instead of having to send your orders for lab tests here and there, you can connect with your lab network simply by placing orders in the patient’s chart. With such convenient order placing capabilities, you also get to check on test results once they are processed and see if any orders have been left incomplete. 

Integrate the Patient Portal 

Along with EHR to manage patients, you also get to access the RXNT patient portal. This convenient tool allows patients to schedule their own appointments, view their medical information, and manage bill payment and processing. Patients can also reach out to their doctors and securely message them about issues should they arise. 

Check Patients In Easily

Oftentimes, checking patients in can be a tedious and long task. Using RXNT, you can manage check-in by allowing staff to connect to the mobile app, set up a desk where patients can add their information, and move long lines faster. 

Connect With Networks and Share Data

Sharing data with other parties (securely of course,) has never been this easy! All you need to do is use the RXNT software to exchange necessary health information with patients, registries, organizations, referrals, and more. 

RXNT EHR As A Family Medicine Software

As a family medicine clinic, it is more likely that you are providing healthcare to a range of patients for all ages and walks of life, for a number of medical conditions. Just like the demographic you serve, your EHR also needs to show the flexibility to cater to them.

RXNT has been developed with physicians who are well versed in family medicine practices which have helped create a tool that can offer the best supplementary support to doctors in this field. The software follows the lifetime of each individual patient and has been designed to provide the best level of comprehensive care in that timeline. 

Of course, you get all the perks of RXNT you know and love – the easy and minimal clicking to access data, connections to lab networks, and access to seamless patient encounter documentation that ensures the highest quality of care. 

With all of the administrative tools, your focus can be diverted to patient care and expanding on the clinic. When your software is being set up, it can be completely shifted within a matter of weeks, meaning there is a negligible time where you are under downtime. The team helps manage your entire training process and also takes over the job of uploading all data. 

The information stored at your clinic is crucial, and so it is protected with the ultimate security checks, set up to alert in case of any issue. The data is stored in methods compliant with the latest regulations and includes the latest medical codes. 

RXNT EHR Software Demo

You can just now set up an RXNT demo in order to see how the features will work for and improve your practice. If you have any questions about how to adapt your family medicine clinic, you can always reach out to the customer team for guidance. 

RXNT EHR Software Pricing

If you’re going with just one product, you can get fixed pricing, however, if you are looking to have an integrated suite of software from RXNT, you can reach out to the vendor for pricing. You can always be assured your product will always have constant access to the cloud, customer support team, and new upgrades. 

Final Verdict – Should I Get RXNT for my Family Medicine Practice?

So, final question – should you go for the RXNT EHR software? If you’re undecided, a quick tip to get to the right answer is that you can try listing your favorite EHR features and compare them to what RXNT offers. If it all matches up, you’re solid! At the end of the day, you know best what is needed for your family medicine practice and what software works. 

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