How to recover data from hard disk

Guide to Data Recovery from External Hard Drive?

There’s no way anyone would have had a way to store or transfer this amount of data without the advent of high-capacity external hard drives. Lifetime memories of photos or favorite movies, we all have a secret place to keep all this, and it is our hard drive.

It’s mind-boggling how much user data just one of these portable storage devices can contain these days.  The sole reason that individuals store a lot of data on external hard drives is to protect them from computer crashes and the organizations at deploy them.

So you have a failing hard drive, huh? Well, we hate to hear it. But don’t worry. We will strengthen and prepare you for any data loss scenario, whether professional or accidental.

Time and again, we know the causes of data loss, and here we mention the causes of data loss in an External hard drive. Data loss scenarios are on the rise. Here are a few typical scenarios of data loss:

  • Accidentally dropping your phone or spilling water on it can destroy all your important files. Take Regular backup of all your files so that you can access essential data even in the absence of their original device.
  • An unfortunate system or hardware error occurred. System crashing or application does not open or keeps crashing with all data on that application.
  • The moment your data is infected, everything comes crashing down. It could be the worst loss of customer trust you’ve ever faced.
  • Your hard drive can be damaged even if you’re not using a power surge protector. Unnecessarily repetitive shutdowns can also harm your hard disk.
  • Physical damage to hard drives or deleting files accidentally can cause significant data loss.

To recover data from hard drives or external hard drives, you’ll first need to reset it, then use data recovery software. Don’t worry. It’s easy to do!

Recycle Bin Recovery

When we delete one file or multiple files from a hard drive, recovering it from the Recycle Bin is easy. You see Restore when you right-click on the file.

See the recycle bin icon and click on it. You see a combined view of *all* of the Recycle Bin folders you have on your computer, including Recycle Bin folders located on any external hard drives you may have.

Most people don’t realise that you can recover data from an external hard drive, in the case of “shift+delete” also.

You can quickly recover any lost or deleted files with the right software. If files or a whole folder has been accidentally deleted from your external hard drive, there’s no need to panic. With the right tools, you can quickly recover your lost data. Some recovery programs can even recover data from corrupted hard drives. So if you’ve lost important files or want to be able to reassess your hard drive, don’t hesitate to try out a data recovery program.


If you want to delete a file permanently, bypassing the Recycle Bin, you can do so by pressing the “Shift+Delete” key combination. This will delete the file immediately, without sending it to the Recycle Bin first.

Data Recovery Software to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

When you accidentally lose data from a hard drive, you want to recover it. Stellar Data Recovery is the best tool to recover deleted files from a hard drive. Below are the easy steps required to follow to use this fantastic hard drive recovery tool from stellar?

1) Download and install the software on your PC

Don’t try to make a complex drive repair. Repairing your hard drive is a complex process, and it may not always go that well. We recommend that all of our customers create complete hard drive backups before repairing their hard drives.

Unfortunately, you risk losing data from your external hard drive. While this might seem unexpected, there are several reasons why you could lose data from there. Finally, if you find your computer’s hard drive wholly damaged and can’t access it (as is the case with most external drives), it’s time to turn to one of the mentioned solutions, data recovery services as outlined in this article. When your computer crashes and you lose important files, you need a data recovery software solution like Stellar.

Stellar Data Recovery software is capable of recovering multiple formats with three clicks. It is easy to use, and if you are not a technical expert stellar data recovery for windows will be helpful.

2) Connect the hard drive on which you want to recover data

3) Scan the drive and preview the recoverable files

If you’re looking for an easy to use data recovery software, look no further than Stellar Data Recovery. Visit the site, download and install the data recovery software on the pc or laptop, and connect your external hard drive.

Recovery of data after an event is like any other procedure: if you know what to do beforehand, you can drastically reduce the chance of things going wrong. That’s why we at stellar data recovery services to our customers. We’re a one-stop shop for all data recovery needs. We share some pointers that will enhance the chance of data recovery.  The first thing is that the external hard drive that has deleted the data should not be used. (If you haven’t accidentally deleted it!)

Formatting your hard drive will not erase your deleted files. My advice is to take a step back and let a professional handle your external hard drive recovery, but you _can_ salvage some files by reformatting.

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