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UEI Global- Hotel Management Institute at Delhi has been rated as “Top Hotel Management Institute” by CSR, consecutively for the last 10 years. Currently UEI global holds the largest chain of hotel management institutes in India with presence in Agra, Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Lucknow and Thiruvananthapuram. The college is affiliated and associated with a number of national and international universities and bodies of hospitality education of high repute. The programme has been designed under academic supervision of Hotelschool, The Hague which comes under top 3 hotel schools in the world and this is the reason that the teaching pedagogy and curriculum of UEI Global is at par with international hotel management colleges. The curriculum is designed as per the industry demands, wherein equal emphasis is laid on theory and practical.

There are various degree programs and certificate courses including one year diploma, associate degree, masters degree, MBA and doctorate. In this article, we will discuss the various course offered at the Hospitality Management Institute. Associate Degree in Hospitality Management is one of the Associate Programs offered in Delhi. The curriculum of this course consists of general management, hospitality and catering technology. Students who enroll for this program can expect to gain knowledge in key areas like administration, planning, management, finance and sales techniques.

In this program, students learn the art and science of hospitality management through simulated case studies, self-study, group assignments and interactive learning. Students also get an opportunity to work with industry experts and develop professional skills such as negotiating, leadership, organizing, coordinating, planning and coordinating. Students learn how to effectively interact with both internal and external parties such as caterers, vendors, guests, management personnel, waiters/waitresses etc. A one-year diploma in hotel management in Delhi is suitable for those who want to pursue their career in hotel management in Delhi or anywhere in India. The certificate course is a perfect stepping stone for those who wish to open their own restaurant or cafe.

If you have a passion for food and want to set up your own catering business, Hotel Management Institute in Delhi offers you a variety of courses to hone your skills. One of these courses is Restaurant Management. Students learn to operate, run and manage a restaurant by selecting from a variety of modules. Students also get to learn about hospitality and catering technology.

These courses cover important aspects of running a successful restaurant such as accounting, budgeting, customer service, quality assurance, service design and safety. They also cover international kitchen standards and cooking techniques such as grilling, sauteing, sauces and condiments, and bar tools such as squeegees and cutting tools. Other topics include beverage management and merchandising. Hotel courses are ideal for students who want to enter the hospitality industry after completing their campus studies. The University also offers other courses such as Business and Entrepreneurship, Consumer Psychology, Kitchen and Food Security, Marketing, Public Relations and Tourism. There are also certificate courses available for those who wish to become restaurant managers or general managers.

The hotel course covers basic functions of hotels such as cleaning, dining, and service. It also gives you an overview of the industry as a whole. After finishing the course, you will be able to assess the operation in the market, and will be able to plan, implement and manage the different aspects of the business. Such courses also impart knowledge on how to upgrade the hotel’s infrastructure and amenities.

As part of the program, students also get to learn about guest relations and customer service. In the hospitality industry, it is vital that the customer is always treated courteously and that the hotel meets its customers’ needs in all possible ways. This means that the staff should be efficient, friendly and polite at all times. Hospitality, the art of making or receiving new customers, is taught in these courses.

Students can earn a certificate, diploma or degree both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Upon completion of the course, students will gain job skills which include communication, multi-tasking, organizational and time management.

We can surely conclude that pursuing hotel management course will open gates to a bright and rewarding career.

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