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How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drainage?

One of the most accessed areas in your home is the kitchen. Every member of the family uses the kitchen for multiple reasons. Whether the person is a cook or not; the kitchen undoubtedly is the most frequented place in the houses. The kitchen is susceptible to developing odours, dirt, grime, cobwebs, and clogged sink that further worsens the problem. The drainage system in the sink should always be in the topmost condition to facilitate the quick accomplishment of tasks like cleaning and washing utensils. But easier said than done. Hence, the article will walk you through the procedure on how to clean kitchen sink drainage?

We know that since the sink of the kitchen is used for the disposal of waste and not-required stuff, it can easily get clogged. But one of the most important tips that can easily allow you to keep the sink unclogged is to dispose of the waste responsibly. You should have proper garbage bins in your house for the best and responsible disposal of waste. Throwing used oil and food items in the kitchen sinks is one of the main reasons for its congestion. Hence, become wise and give longevity to your unclogged kitchen sink by exercising a few tips and tricks.

Home is supposed to be the most peaceful and comfortable place on earth for every human being. You come home to rest and feel calm. But if you get back home to experience a sea of problems waiting for your attention, then the feeling is not so good. So, ensure to keep your home in an excellent condition so that comfort is never compromised upon. Moreover, the health and hygiene of the household premises should never be compromised because it is directly related to your wellness. So, let’s come back to our topic and sail through the easy tips to keep the kitchen sink in an ideal condition so that clogging is not an issue.

  • Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are kitchen ingredients that are readily available on your kitchen shelf. If you find anything that obstructs the drain at the surface, ensure to remove it first. If there are drain stoppers, remove that too. A build-up of food debris, hair, etc. can cause a clogged drain and to ensure that the pipe is clean, removal of all this is an essential step.

You can further boil some water and allow it to flow through the drain to ensure that every item that can obstruct the process is allowed to flush.

Put the baking soda on the drain surface and pour vinegar on it. Vinegar will react with baking soda to produce powerful results. The mixture acts as a good de-clogging tip. The fizz created due to the mixing of the particles will clean and sanitize the clogged pipes. Ensure to allow the mixture to be there for some time. Now, boil some water and pour it on the drain to ensure that the mixture works more effectively and efficiently.

  • Use a professional drain cleaner

Invest in a good drain cleaner. It will be a wise investment because it will save you time and effort. Various eco-friendly and bio-friendly drain cleaners are also easily available in the market that do not have harsh chemicals that emit a toxic smell. So, if that is your concern, then you can relax and go ahead with your purchase decision. The active ingredients in these cleaners are natural enzymes that can help to unclog the kitchen sink. It may take a bit longer to yield the desired results but the wait is worth it because such cleaners are sans chemicals.

  • Dishwashing agent and hot water

You cannot underestimate the superb combo of your dishwashing agent and hot water. Your dishwashing liquid can be mixed in hot water for this technique. This is one of the easiest and harmless ways to execute the task of cleaning the clogged kitchen sink and it does not contain any chemicals or lead to any emission of toxic smell. The grease-fighting soapy solution will help to remove the grease or oil residue in the pipe.

  • Salt, vinegar, and borax

This DIY is one of the easiest and effective ways to clean the kitchen sink drainage and intensify the movement of water through the pipes. Take 1/4th cup each of salt, vinegar, and borax powder. Put all the three ingredients directly on the drain surface followed by pouring hot water on it. Complete the task by pouring cold water. The idea of using hot water in the initial stage is to intensify the action. Hot water also helps to get rid of grease residue. You can repeat the procedure to ensure that the kitchen sink is completely unblocked.

  • Baking soda and salt

Mix half cup salt with half cup baking soda and allow the mixture to sit in the kitchen sink for some time. You can do the process and leave it overnight also. The next day, you can pour hot water down the sink to find an unclogged sink. It is an effective method and one of the cheapest too because both the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. Once the process is complete, you can add essential oil to your sink to ensure that the odour is replaced with a fragrance. Adding essential oil regularly in the kitchen sink can serve as a great tip to ensure that foul smells are kept at bay. Read More

Final Thoughts

The kitchen should remain spic and span, not only because it is part of your home but also because it ensures the wellness and health of the inmates. The pandemic has further installed the importance of hygiene in our minds and hence, we try every possible method to keep our surroundings clean and sanitized. So, how can we forget the most important part of our home? Whether you employ any of the above-mentioned home remedies or invest in a professional cleaning agent; the idea is to keep the kitchen sink clean and the purpose should be resolved.

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