Video masterpiece with photos

How To Create A Video Masterpiece With Your Photos

Pictures have remained better than texts, and videos have always surpassed pictures with profound value. There is no arguing that video captures the most attention compared to other forms of content. Lately, marketers have started leveraging the power of videos by revolving their marketing strategies around video content ideas. For a reason, Instagram, which started as a photo-sharing platform, is now dominating video reel concepts. Videos in any form are enticing and more rewarding. Now, whether or not you have professional needs for video, you would be required to make one at some point in life. And if you are looking for ways to make brilliant videos using pictures, this blog is a perfect read for you.

Now, you must all have seen videos created like a slideshow using a series of pictures. While they look great, they are now a thing of yesteryear. With the tools available now and their easy accessibility, you can be much more creative with the entire process of making video from images. The modern tools offer seamless transition and attractive features which will aid in creating professional-looking videos within minutes. You don’t need to be a pro editor or someone with exquisite knowledge to make videos. All you need is a helping guide to walk you through. With this blog, learn to create videos using your pictures and then share your videos across your social media and gain love.

So let’s get started.

1.   Visualize

This is perhaps the most crucial step in any creative activity. Before you start working on the video, visualize how you would like that video to be. Based on it, jot down bullet points on a notepad. The visualization should give you a rough idea of how the video should move, the vibe it should set, and the emotional value it should bring to the audience.

Say, for instance, you are creating a video of a family vacation you recently went on. Then the purpose should be to cover images from all the places you visited from different angles capturing their beauty. It should also include happy, awkward, fun pictures of your family members which would bring a jolt of happy memories and laughter while rewatching it. Similarly, if you are creating a professional video for a new collection launch of some fashion label, the video should cover outfit details and the grandeur of the setting.

By visualizing what you want to create, you set yourself on a path of clear purpose.

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2.   Click, collect and sort the pictures.

While making videos from images, firstly click as many pictures as you can. Keep in mind the vertical or horizontal orientation of pictures and stick to it relatively. Those pictures will give you ample opportunity to be creative in your video. Capture everything from a different angle, in natural lighting and high resolution.

The better the quality of the picture in its natural form, the less editing it would require. Have a mental checklist of all the moments you want to capture so that you don’t regret not capturing enough later.

Now, collect everything in one place and start sorting. Categorize these images into different categories and start weaving a story in your head. A story is always required while making a video. Otherwise, it’s as good as watching a slideshow. Now line up your photos in the course of the event with the perspective you envisioned. This is the step you start working on the video instead of just talking about it.

3.   Use a mix of videos and photos

The best way to create videos using images is to use both pictures and videos in it. Always capture a lot. Capture a series of short videos or clips which can be used while making the video. Even live images can add a raw, natural touch to the results. You must have seen popular reels and Youtube videos that contain a series of images and videos both. Creating such videos take less effort than all motion videos. So instead of making it an all-picture video, we would suggest adding some raw clips to your videos.

While sorting the pictures, add raw video clips in between. Video clips would enhance the flow of the video and make it more captivating. Ensure that the flow of images and videos goes naturally and effortlessly.

4.   Start creating with creativity

To begin with, you need to pick a tool where you would create and edit a video. Pick the online editing tools that allow you free download and accessibility features. You can easily find editing tools that offer free stock videos and images, unlimited templates, designing features, font editing, and direct social media sharing for free. One can access such tools in the form of an app and also on the web. We would suggest video editing on a laptop or PC. Doing so would allow you more space to work freely without creating a cram. However, firstly select the online editing tool for making videos from images.

Once you have pictures sorted for the video, you need to select the transitions to create a proper blend. The foundation of video and its quality lies in the template. Ensure that you pick the one that resonates with your video. Now add pictures to the templates and start working on transitions. Work on time frames. Create surprise elements. And at the same stage, while putting the images together, you would see the entire thing coming together. Picking a correct soundtrack to include in the video happens simultaneously.

5.   Always have music in mind

The essence of video lies in its music. There needs to be complimenting if not enriching music within your video. The choice of music could vastly affect the quality and vibe of the video. While creating a video using images, one needs to establish an atmosphere. The kind which would set a tone that the video would exude, be it chill, happiness, sadness, or any relevant mood. Make a picture video with music using any online tool. There are plenty out there. Just ensure that you pick a tool that is easy to use and offers a great deal of flexibility. Check for the copyrights and patents in the music. You could be penalized for using music with copyrights. Now download the music and add it to your video clip.

6.   Edit and let the creativity ooze in

Once the rough video is ready, the real work begins. The video would look crooked and unappealing if you don’t blend the transitions and effects well. So it may be wise to use distinctive transitions in the video, but only if you can bring it all together. Otherwise, the video won’t capture attention and would make for an ordinary video in a lot. Use the effects available in your online tool, experiment with filters and edits, and keep exploring. Don’t overdo the effects and keep things basic in the video. Work on the edits so that the music and picture flow work in line. Add subtitles if the video needs narration.

Take care of these things. After that, it’s all about the practical experimentation you do with the video.

Once your video seems ready, share it with your creative friends to get an opinion. Download the video in its highest resolution and share it across social media.

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