How to Customize your Own Wine Box Packaging for Gift?

Wine has taken place as an alternative of water in the history and is now widely popular all over the world. Many people love wine mainly because of its taste and also they have learned about its benefits and goodness. People often bring wine as a gift when they visit their loved ones or on special occasions to make it even special. Since the popularity of wine demands the packaging in which it can be presented in a classy and exquisite manner. The core purpose of these boxes is to certify the safety of bottle from heat and other external factors and increase the life cycle of wine inside the bottles. Packaging is the first thing that communicates with the customers and your brand to be recognized. Appealing, attractive, full-featured, and personalized boxes are loved by customers that can also increase your sales. Boxes can be customized in different styles, shapes, material, and colors to make them even more eye-catching they are finished off with matte and gloss lamination to make them look polished and smooth.

Customize Wine Box Packaging for Gift

Personalized boxes are a very sophisticated way to celebrate a special occasion. Packaging can be easily and fully customized in accordance with any event and celebration like birthdays, wedding, thanksgiving, Christmas, and many more. Following are a few examples to show how you can choose different styles and can customize your wine packaging.

Personalized Wooden Birthday Wine Box

You can customize your wine boxes in an array of different styles for wine lovers which you can gift them on their birthdays. Personalized wooden boxes include design that holds the wine bottle securely and can be engraved with name of a person with special message on it. While customizing your box you can select the name, message length, and dimensions regarding to how many bottles you want to pack in the box. Wooden wine packaging is eco-friendly and poses no harm to the environment since they are made with biodegradable material this means you can dispose of them naturally whenever you want. Customers also care about environment that ii why wooden packaging is their most preferred packaging to pack vintage bottles.

Collapsible Wine Gift Box

This unique style of wine box packaging attracts the customers very quickly and the main feature this packaging has is that is reusable. If you want to gift a wine with attractive and simple packaging this is the best option to choose. You can encourage your employee for his/her good performance just by gifting a bottle of wine in this uniquely designed packaging.

Laser Cut Winebox

Wine boxes can always be made more and more exciting and appealing with just a little more effort. They can always be custom-made according to your requirements. Laser-cut wine packaging looks extremely different and beautiful when presented as a gift. This can be a great gift when someone throws a housewarming party. You are given choices and you can choose laser cut designs from given options and of course, you can choose your desired color, cuts, and dimensions. The materials used in the making of these boxes are usually plywood, hardwood, wood, MDF, birch, and glue.

Cardboard Material to Pack your Vintage Bottles

Cardboard is the most common material used in the packaging of boxes. Many layers of paper are compressed at high pressure in order to achieve extremely high-quality cardboard packaging. Cardboard provides durable and strong boxes which keep away bottles from any external damages. The outer layer of the cardboard is very smooth and plain which allows them to be printed in different designs since cardboard is one of the most print-friendly packagings.

Elegant Kraft Paper Boxes

Custom made wine packaging in both white and plain brown kraft paper is also manufactured. These are also considered to be ideal material to pack bottles since kraft packaging is flexible and strong so it can easily handle heavy boxes without troubling the shape and design of the packaging with weight. One of the main benefits of using kraft paper for custom packaging is that they keep the bottle safe and away from any of the environmental affects. This material is extremely print friendly and you can choose your own prints to be printed on boxes along with your logo so it will also act as a marketing tool for your business.

Sturdy Corrugated Boxes

If you are delivering your product on a long scale and your bottles will travel long to reach its destination then the suggested material for packaging your wine bottles is corrugated material. It is the toughest material and is made from three layers, central layer is corrugated material which will any absorb and abuse and shocks and will safely deliver your wine bottles without any breakage. To make your brand stand out from others in the market get your customize boxes print with your brand logo and name so it can be recognized with its packaging. Custom packaging adds the initial wow factor to your product and everyone wants to see what is packed inside these beautifully made boxes. Wine boxes with delightful designs nail the target audience effectively. You can customize your boxes with different designs and options of printings and can get your desirable finished packaging for your vintage bottles.

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