How to fix game crashes after Windows 10 Creators update?

Are you having trouble with your game or your computer and wondering “how to fix game crashes after Windows 10 Creators update?” I get this a lot. Most people are more concerned with “How to Fix Blue Screen Of Death” (BSOD) errors on their computers than they are with the game crashing. BSOD is not the same as a game crash. The two are different.

A BSOD just happens. Sometimes it happens after a virus-infected computer boots up. Other times it can happen when the user upgrades or downloads something new. If you have not been playing your game for a while, it is recommended you download the most current updates for that game.

You will want to go to the control panel, click on the “setting” menu, and then click on the “setting” tab. Here you will find all the software, drivers, and features that are installed on your computer. Once you’ve found the features you want, check them off. This will tell your computer what to do when you request an installation or program. If there are any missing or broken features, you need to replace them immediately.

When you have decided everything is alright with your computer, restart the program or game you are trying to play. If the game or program doesn’t load properly, restart your computer and try again. This might seem like a lot of work to do after Windows 10 Creators update, but it really is not. Many people don’t think they can easily fix problems in their computers, but the truth is you can if you know what problems game crashing problems are caused by.

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Many people are confused when they realize there is a Windows Update required after the Creators update. The update is needed to apply all new and updated files to your computer system. It does not, however, uninstall any existing programs or features from your computer. Unfortunately, when you install or uninstall programs or features from your computer, new problems arise. For instance, a new driver might not be compatible with your old computer system, and this is when game crashes can occur.

How to fix game crashes after Windows 10 Creators update?

If you are having a game or video problem, you need to know the Error and the source of the problem before you can repair it. It is possible to get rid of these problems permanently if you know what is causing them. For this reason, computer users should always check if the update has already been applied. If it has not been, you might have to wait for the program to download and install all new updates before it can fix your game or video problem.

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