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Internationals Schools in Bangalore are India’s future

Where are we headed with the situation we are given today. The way the world operates has changed and has almost done a complete 360. The values it holds as a priority, the way people are treated, the way animals are treated, the importance given to flora, the shift in job opportunities have been drastically affected because of the 19-21 health-related troubles the world was facing and still is, in fact. 

School admissions of your little one is undoubtedly one of the most difficult as well as cumbersome tasks you will ever have to do in your life. The admission process can not only be confusing but also extremely tiring, often not leading to desired results. Since this city has a large number of schools, the process of school admission in Bangalore becomes even more problematic. Before the admission of your child there are a few things that you must do: 

  1. Research about the schools
  2. Shortlist the ones that are suiting your needs based on fees, boards, and results.
  3. Do online research on each of the schools individually from the list.
  4. Visit the campus personally to check out the school environment.
  5. Meet counselors of the school and understand the curriculum and whether it suits the requirements of your child or not.

With the restrictions put on us because of the pandemic, individuals have had to discover new ways to ensure life does not come to a halt. The means of education have turned out to be the online sector, where more often than not classes are being held through Zoom Calls. People are being asked to work from home. This in its own way has had a ripple effect on things. Because of WFH, people have been reduced to 50 percent salaries, some have even lost their jobs. People who have been working through a certain methodology have suddenly had to become internet savvy in order to complete their daily tasks. For all the ease we have there are as many difficulties. In fact, the world has now pulled its socks up and even though it’s about living in a harmonious society, competition is everywhere. Everyone wants to make it out unscathed.


Has the education system been affected in India? A city in India that is renowned for its education system.

Schooling in India has always been a hands-on experience. A 2000-year-old civilization, from the time of Gurukuls, has been an advocate of a mix of practical and theoretical learning. Even though certificates now hold more value in our country, the basis to achieve these degrees has been standard throughout. When International Schools were introduced in India, the concept of Education was about to go through an evolution that would change the face of knowledge being imparted in the country. Advanced methods of teaching were introduced, special environments created and specifically designed boards were set up. The idea was to cater to every child’s needs. 

International Schools such as GIIS have fostered the ideology of continuous learning which is now reflecting in the sincerity with which students are attending online classes. This however is not the same everywhere. Holding online teaching sessions rarely grabs the students’ complete attention. The individualistic emphasis put on everyone’s development becomes more of an all-inclusive activity due to the lack of resources. The physical education one was receiving and the safe environment in which one was studying is now no longer available to them. Issues like these do pose a huge problem to the quality of education one is receiving.

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In short, one of the best cities with a comprehensive system of Education in India would be Bangalore. Below let us take up as an example an International School that has been around for decades and has shown continuous progress in terms of churning out successful students.

Here is one such International school in Bangalore, people should definitely look into.


Established in the year 2013, this campus is located in Bangalore, Whitefield, and has done a fabulous job of providing a high-quality education to its students since the institution came to be. It caters to over 20 nationalities and has students from around the globe. This school follows an ideology through all its franchisees ‘ Schools that learn’ This shows that the institution itself is learning to keep up with the world as it educates its citizens. It aims at involving everyone in society in order to give their students an all-encompassing experience. In order to ensure they are providing their students with a holistic education, the school makes it necessary for every student to take part in at least one category under each; co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Through this, the school ensures students have developed healthy social skills, while the coordination during the activities helps them develop their ability to think critically. When looking at school admissions in Bangalore, many of the factors mentioned above are taken into consideration.

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