Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Rated and Review 2020.

You Might not think it looks all that new features, but it is heavily revised and it’s got a whole host of new technology. The search for the Maybach S-class makes no endeavour to shroud its inception, and equivalent to the standard s-class from the external outside. The order control infotainment framework is additionally present.

These large ultra-luxury sedans ride on the longer wheelbase than the Benz-S class. The S560 and S650 are made for the luminous living. The rear Palatial seats are available with the all the comfort you need to make your journey.


Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: Features:

The lavish Mercedes-Maybach S-Cass comes with a twin-turbo v12 making 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque and that’s more torque than the McLaren P1. The Cargo Space is almost 17.6cu ft. Maybach comes with 215.0 in length and 59.0 m height. The legroom is almost 41.4 in and headroom is 37.9 in.



Luscious leathers with glamming woods are used throughout in both S560 and S650, the design of the interior is stylish and sleek. The leather and the stitching are really incredible in it.

The Speaker having Burmaster high-end which you can get it on s-class but not only did the tweeters magnificently spin out having 24 premium speakers. Having a longer wheelbase than the Benz S-Class, you got more space to the legroom up to 40 inches while comparing to the Benz S-Class proving us with 34.1 inches of legroom in the back. Heat, Ventilation and message system are fully integrated into the compartment. Along with heated and cooled cupholders the executive rear seats bring in two folding tables for the rear seats.

This enhanced and rear feature are some of the main features of the S560 and S650 counting them into the premium versus the S-Class. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration along with the latest DVD entertainment system are also integrated in these two versions along with the wireless headphone.

The Maybach having two digital screens on the dashboard that you can handle from the steering wheel also with a small touch pad on it so, you do not have to touch the screen while driving you can change and switch the menu from your steering wheel now. The infotainment system is pretty good in this car and its quite good as we seen in BMW 7-series the iDrive is still the best.


Also, the Mercedes-Maybach has a wellness function which you can press a button it will remember every setting that you like while driving or sitting in the car, different seating position and stuff like that.

The LED light can also change you have wide range of colour on the screen from where you can select whatever colour you like on yours display. The Magic Sky control system it will change the transparency of the actual panoramic sunroof if you don’t want to close the blinds controlling the 3 feet of the sky. It’s had a small fridge at the back having so many features that can blow your mind away we can possibly name.



The Elegant lengthened body and distinctive Maybach grille that features two seats of twelve fine vertical chrome vanes. Front apron also features chrome inserts including the multi-element LED headlights features with an attractive Maybach signature. Both the Mercedes-Maybach S650 and S560 have almost the same exterior design.

These two top models having triple-band LED daytime running lamps, a panorama roof. Delicate shutting entryways and electronic trunk with foot movement identification with hands access and with an enlightened section framework. The S650 and S560 having a wide range of optional wheels to choose counting in the wheel size from 19 to 20 inches.

The total length of both of these version S650 and S560 is almost 215 inches which is almost over eight inches longer than the Standard S-class. Continuing if we combine this with the wheelbase of 13.5 inches which is over seven inches longer the Standard S-class and you get a car that is offering tons of space in the interior.

When you join the mirrors Maybach S is 83.9 inches wide, the front and back tracks comes in 64.3/64.3 from front to back. The S650 and S560 are 560 inches tall having a weight of 5170 pounds while the S650 tips the scales up-to 5280 pounds.

For Colouring the Exterior of Maybach, the Mercedes is offering 22 colours. Standard Maybach, comes with nine two tone option, including Selenite Grey/Magnetic Black, metallic and Obsidian black, Black metallic.


Trunk Capacity:

The Trunk Capacity of Mercedes-Maybach is big enough. This is a saloon car you got wide opening so it’s not too difficult to load. You have some more storage under the boot couple of nets there that keeps your small-tiny items there. The Maybach offers 17.6 cubic feet.


Driving and Handling:

The 2020 S560 comes with turbocharged 4.0-litres v8 engine that produces 463 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. The Nine-speed automatic transmission sending power to all of its wheel is quite impressive. With the Mercedes-Maybach S650 accompanies a twin-turbocharged 6.0-lires V-12 does the distinctions, and it produces 621 pull and 738 lb-ft of force accompanying the back tire drive and a seven-speed programmed gear-box. The S560 goes 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds which is impressive performance for such a sizable dimension.

The steering performance is quite impressive it is light and easy to maintain on high speed and sharp cuts you don’t have to invest so much energy on it. The suspension is outstanding you can’t even feel a single bump while driving. If we talked about the fuel efficiency the new 2020 Mercedes S560 EPA rated fuel economy comes in 16/25 mpg city /highway. With having a lot less fuel efficient than the Benz S-class.


Safety Features:

As Mercedes has always keep its safety features standard able to keep you safe and secure. Both models have several features for the safety features. They come with the Standard Automatic Emergency Braking system and including the Standard blind-spot monitoring. As other cars the Mercedes-Maybach also having the Standard lane-keeping assistance and lane keeping warning with including a night vision camera.


Running Cost:

Nobody care how much a fuel beast truck utilizes it’s about the show this equivalent can be utilized for the Mercedes-Maybach S-class. Mercedes S560 EPA rated fuel economy comes in 16/25 mpg city /highway. With having a lot less fuel efficient than the Benz S-class. Both cars having a 2.1-gallon fuel tank, which means a maximum range of between 338 and 401miles.


The Mercedes-Maybach comes with a price that is not affordable. The 2020 Mercedes-Maybach S-class is almost cost so pretty penny when you consider the fact that it offers features such as message seats and some optional champagne flutes.

The price tag for the S560 4MATIC starts at $173,000 with excluding the registration tax and registration fee of $995. If you are after the V12 power engine, then the price for the S560 will goes up-to $202,550. If we compare the price tag with Bentley Flying Spur Starts at $214,600 and the 2020 Rolls-Royce goes up-to $311,900.

Variants and Spec:

Mercedes Maybach S-class V12 S680 with the new design tail-lights different compared to the newest generation S-Class. The exterior from the front has increased   the hood by engine hood strip with a chrome plated design and has beautiful grill with vertical pin strips. It has classy wheels with the central cap looks very exclusive and you can also go for multi double spoke 21 inches rims.

The digital light system contains more than 1.3 Million pixels on each side. The beautiful white leather stitching and quality material inside, even has the head pillows in the front seats, completely new for the s class generation.
Mercedes Maybach S650 two-tone exterior paint is available in nine different colours of combination. The alloy wheel sets include 20-inches wheels and 20 inches multi spoke wheels two of the four exclusive wheel options are available.

For leather interiors you can choose from copper gold and platinum coloured contrasting top stitching and exclusive to the S-class. S650 BI-TURBO V12 delivers a smooth effortless drive by reaching 60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds. With this vehicle the driver assistance package includes about 10 safety features including lane change assistance, pre- selected distance, assist steering and others.

What’s new in 2021:

In the year 2021 Mercedes Maybach S class, too much new stuff is added such as S class features and many more. The interface of MBUX offers for the five available OLED displays as S class.  The Maybach offers a wide range of controls over different functionalities like vehicle system features and can recognize rear passenger movements and gestures by 3D laser camera in the roof liner.

So, the pricing of this Mercedes starts from £160,000. The standard S class include a radiator that is redesigned, new bumper at front, stunning LED headlights and double exit exhaust system. The interior contains pair of 11.6-inch touchscreen from which you can browse internet for different activities. There is two electrically movable, leaning seats instead of the standard vehicle’s seat, the two of which highlight kneading leg-rests and footrests adjusted into the floor.

The active ambience lighting has special addition with intelligent light and safety functions. As passenger enters the car, it welcomes passenger with special light show, that feel like some protocol.

Thoughts of Good Auto Deals:

The Mercedes-Maybach S-class is an ultra-luxurious car having so many features to blow your mind. Both the S560 4MATIC and the S650 share their features and if you are talking some super-extra rich stuff than you have to pay some extra buck for the V12 power engine which not only sounds cool but add a load of some extra rich points. Every customer needs to make sure the price they are paying for that stuff is worth able or not that is why the Mercedes always took time to make the highest quality. If you are looking for rich interior with fascinating exterior and supraocular engine and you can afford the price tags and other add-ons for the Maybach than you should buy it. Keeping in mind the Mercedes-Maybach is just a S-class with some fancy outing that give look of the outer world.

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