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Monthly bookkeeping packages for Small Businesses in 2021

The financial status of a  business big or small depends on various factors. Some of the factors are the number of workers working in the firm, monthly transactions, the life cycle and the size of the company, invoice to send, credit cards, balance sheets, bills to pay, etc. However, one of the most common questions that business owners ask is “Are monthly bookkeeping packages affordable for small businesses?” This article will answer that question along with proper details of monthly bookkeeping packages.

Since small businesses have very limited finance, it is important for them to carefully spend it in different areas. Bookkeeping is essential to track and record the precious data of the company. But, some of the software is very expensive and unaffordable.

Before directly jumping into the description of various bookkeeping software, let’s first understand how the bookkeeping software will help small businesses.

Basic Bookkeeping vs Full Service Accounting

Small businesses need to first focus on the other factors like getting paid, paying bills, ensuring payroll accuracy and federal regulations. However, as the company starts growing, the team needs to manage and save their time and accuracy while keeping the records.

Therefore, the business must know its requirements and opt for the service that will help to increase the profits. Basic Bookkeeping will help you to improve cash and overall growth. On the other hand, full-service accounting is much more expensive than basic bookkeeping.

How Bookkeeping Software Helps Small Business? 


  • Paying Bills, Entering and Coding.
  • Send the customer invoice.
  • Manage the past dues of the payments.
  • Maintain the information of the clients and the vendors’ accounts.
  • Analyse the accounts.
  • It also handles the month-end closing of the paperwork.
  • Scan and attach the tax-related documents.
  • For Audit Support, prepare the client source documents.

Best Bookkeeping Software for Small Business 2021

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the bookkeeping software that helps small businesses track tractions and records. The users can also access the online training of the accounting professionals using the online version of QuickBooks. The features are very easy to use and efficient to access. QuickBooks has a user-friendly interface.

Bookkeeping Package:

The users can access the free service of QuickBooks for free. Once you complete the one-month free trial, there are three packages that you can opt for.

  • Simple start at $25 per month.
  • Essential at $40 per month.
  • Plus at $70 per month.
  • Advanced at $150 per month.


  • The users can use the software on mobile.
  • It is a cloud-based application.
  • QuickBooks is used by professionals.
  • Scalable.


  • You need to upgrade the software if you want to use it as a multi-user.
  • Sometimes you can occasionally face the syncing problem.


Xero is the second-best bookkeeping software that is useful for micro-businesses. The software has a clean interface and is integrated with the payroll services.

Using the application you can collect the payments with GoCardless and Stripe.

Bookkeeping Package:

Xero has two bookkeeping packages that offer a three-month subscription and a full-service payroll add-on.

Three Month Subscription:
  • Early at $11 per month.
  • Growing at $32 per month.
  • Established at $62 per month.
Full-Service Subscription:
  • The bookkeeping package is offered by Gusto at $39 per month plus $6 per employee.


  • It is also cloud-based software.
  • You can access the Xero account on mobile too.
  • It has a straightforward interface.
  • Integration payroll with Gusto
  • Easy Inventory Management service.


  • Limited customer services
  • Limited reporting
  • ACH payment -Fees charged


It is crucial accounting software for service-based businesses. FreshBooks allows the users to receive, send, print, and pay invoices. It also helps to manage the bookkeeping. The software makes the job easy for them to send the invoices, proposals, track the time of the project, request deposits, and receive the payments.

Bookkeeping Package:

There are four plans of the software, they are:

The users can get around 60% off discount per month for the first six months.

  • Lite at $6 per month
  • Plus at $10 per month
  • Premium at $20 per month


  • FreshBooks is a cloud-based software.
  • You can also get a user-friendly interface.
  • It is more affordable than other software.
  • Advanced invoicing features.


  • There is no payroll service.
  • The mobile version of the software has some limitations.
  • There is no inventory management.

QuickBooks Self Employed 

It is a product of Intuit that helps self-employed users to manage their accounts and transactional records. QuickBooks Self Employed is best for independent contractors and freelancers to manage the taxes and expenses.

Bookkeeping Package:

  • Self-Employed at $15 per month
  • Self-Employed Tax Bundle at $25 per month
  • Self-Employed Live Tax Bundle at $35 per month


  • Just like QuickBooks online, it is also a cloud-based software.
  • It also has a track mileage feature.
  • You can access the application in the mobile app.
  • The users can differentiate between personal and business expenses.


  • Limited Reporting
  • Limited invoicing functionality and customisation.

Final Words!

Hopefully, the article helped you to choose the best bookkeeping that will help you to manage your transaction in a much better way.

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