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QuickBooks Pos Vs Square: Which is Better?

To maintain your business and finances simply, implementing a POS system is advised. When it comes to buying a POS system, users are usually confused between two names: Quickbooks Point of sale and Square Point of sale. Both the software provides some great features to the users that incline users towards them. In case you are also someone who is confused between Quickbooks POS and Square POS, this article is all you need. We have provided you with a complete comparison between both POS systems so that you can easily choose the one. Read this quickbooks pos vs square to get a detailed and unbiased comparison.

Quickbooks Point of sale is a software introduced by Quickbooks for small-scale businesses. It provides the user with all the tools that a user can use so that they can manage their business activities easily. 

Square POS is another point of sale software that you can use to manage transactions and business finances easily. Different tools are provided so that you can manage the business transactions easily.

Quickbooks POS Vs Square POS



Other than the common features of Quickbooks POS like accounting, tracking the inventory, analyzing sales, and processing payments, Quickbooks offers the users access the Quickbooks payments to make payments through debit and credit cards. Also, it will enable you to use the data and security protection protocols so that you can keep the customer’s information safe.

You can also increase sales by integrating the system in hardware or you use a mobile application to use the application easily. You can track the customer data and keep track of your sale of the products.


With Square, you can easily customize your dashboard and avail of the services that you prioritize. Other than this, on the dashboard, you will get all the stats of your sales and business on one page only, and also, you can adjust it by dragging and dropping the required widget. 

What we like the most about Square is that it enables the user to accept card payments even when they are offline. Other than this, a POS terminal is also available so that you can also process the payments on the site.

Customer Support

A company needs to maintain good customer support so that it can maintain the relationship with its employees. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they are stuck with an issue and they do not know whom to call. In this section, we have compared the customer support provided by both the software.

Quickbooks Support:

For Quickbooks support, you will get free resources and an online help center so that you can easily contact the support team. Other than this, you will be provided with a training manual, live chats, webinars, and video tutorials to learn more about the tool and fix the issues that you may face while using the application.

Square Support:

For Square too, you will get a knowledge base, phone support, and email support to ask your queries and even get rid of the issues. But, you must know that the support is available only for a particular time from Monday to Friday. Also, you are not going to get any live chat to ask about your issues.


Now, the next aspect that we are taking into consideration is usability. The software must be easy to use so that it becomes easy for the user to handle and understand the transactions. Here, we are going to talk about the ease of use that both the software provides its users.


When it comes to the Quickbooks interface, it is quite easy to understand. It sometimes may feel difficult but if you know how to handle the number, the software is easiest to understand. The navigator bar will help you to go to the tasks directly and explains a lot about what tab is for what. Other than this, you will also get a guide to learn about the software.


Square is also easy to use and you can navigate through the sections easily. Other than this, you can customize the dashboard so that you can have everything that you need in front of you. But, the lack of a navigator pane makes it a bit less easy to use than Quickbooks POS.


Pricing is an important factor to consider when you are comparing two software and the list is incomplete without the cost section. In this section of the article, we have discussed the pricing of both the software so, you can judge in a better way.


You are going to get three plans in Quickbooks POS. According to the subscription plan, the features provided to the user also differ. For the basic plan, you will have to pay 1200$ and for a multi-store, you need to pay 1900$. Other than this, you will also get a 30-days free trial for the application. Also, the fees may of the transaction be charged up to 3.4% based on the type of the transaction.


When it comes to square, there is no charge or any monthly fees that you need to pay. Other than this, you will also not have to buy any license to use the application. But whenever you make any transactions, a fee is charged. The fees charged range up to 3.5%.

Third-party Application Integration


Quickbooks can easily integrate with different applications. Other than this, you can also integrate the tool with the different applications that you are using and also, integrate with other software. There are chances that the integration limit is limited to some extent.


Integrating the Square application with other applications is not as easy as it is with QuickBooks.

To Wind Up

These were some major differences between QuickBooks POS and Square POS. All the information that we have provided will surely help you to decide which one to choose between the two. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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