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Resolve QuickBooks H202 Error: Multi-User Mode Problem

Quickbooks Error H202, multi-user mode error, prevails when there is a termination of the server connection. The H202 error code indicates that your company file is kept on some other device computer & it cannot be accessed from the main user’s computer device. It also shows up that the server requires help in its connection. Moreover, the user is not able to access its company file stored on other devices & servers.

One general reason for the existence of such a type of error is the connectivity issue. The QBs server cannot build a connection with the original file destination. For such a case, the multiple file use cannot be executed due to some security reasons. 

QuickBooks Error H202: Causes For Occurrence

There are many different reasons & causes for the prevalence of the QuickBooks Error Code H202. 

  • There is no configuration of the hosting settings.
  • Firewall blocking.
  • A domain name system setting is incorrectly configured.
  • We do not have the IP addresses of the Host and the Server.
  • There is a problem with QBFC Monitor as well as QuickbooksDBXX.
  • It is a file or network data file which is lost, missing, or broken. 

Quickbooks Error H202: Triggers To Identify

  • Quickbooks cannot be switched to the multi-user mode. 
  • Accessing a company file located on another computer is not possible. 
  • QuickBooks Error Code H202 appears up again and again.
  • The software Quickbooks freezes from time to time. 
  • The response time of the system increases. 

QuickBooks Error H202 Issue: 5 Troubleshooting Solutions

Solution 1: Hosting The Local Files

  • First, open the software QuickBooks & use the F2 key for accessing the Product Information Window.
  • Under the bottom left tab, tap on the option Hosting below the Local Server Information to have the display of the local files only.
  • You now need that no other client attempts to host the same company file in the QuickBooks software.

Solution 2: Assessing Network Connectivity

  • First, turn off the hosting available on all the workstations.
  • From this workstation, choose the server name.
  • Write up the server name & hit the Enter key.


Solution 3: QuickBooks Database Server Manager Restart

  • First, use the Ctrl + R keys to open the Run window and type up services.MSC & then hit Enter.
  • With a right-mouse click on the QuickBooksDB19 (2007), QBsDB18 (2008) & QuickBooksDB17 (2009), select Stop.
  • Start again with a right-click & then hit on Start & close the window.
  • Next, you need a display of all the known file types & extensions.
  • On the Start menu, do a right-click and select the option as Explore.
  • Go for the Tools option & then use the Folder Option.
  • Moving further, use the View tab and then Hide Extensions in the known file types checkbox.
  • Again, tap on the tab View & go for the option named Show Hidden Files and Folders. 
  • Clear up the Hide Protected Operating System box.
  • Hit on Yes coming on the warning prompt & then hit OK.
  • At last, close the Windows Explorer.

Solution 4: Remove & Recreate the Network Data file

To remove & recreate the ND data file, you need to follow the steps here below.

  • First, use the Ctrl + R keys to open the Run window & write up *.ND then hit Enter. 
  • Moving on, with a right-mouse click on the.ND data file clicks on the button Delete.
  • Once deleted, go for the Start button
  • Now, navigate to All Programs & then go to QuickBooks & then QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Go for the tab named Scan Folder.
  • Next, use the button Add Folder.
  • Look out for the specific company files.
  • Moving further, choose the company file & hit OK. The QuickBooks company file is located in the Folders along with QuickBooks-related company files.
  • Next, hit on the option Start Scan to begin the scanning process.
  • After the scan, click on Close.

Solution 5: Host Your Self Network

To install the QuickBooks database server manager on each of the QuickBooks versions that are currently in use, if the user has not already hosted a self network, the user can follow the steps below. The following steps must be completed after the database server manager is properly installed:

There exist two alternate ways for putting up the QBs database server manager:

  • The Full Program Option: This option allows you to install QuickBooks along with the database server manager present on the server.
  • The Server-Only Option: This option allows the database manager to be installed exclusively on the server.


Quickbooks Error Code H202 is a multi-user mode error and it exists when the server connection has been terminated. The error H202 means that your company file is present on some other device & cannot be accessed through the user’s computer. This article explains the symptoms, causes, and solutions to the multi-user mode error. 

We hope you are able to resolve all such QuickBooks H-series errors from now on. For any other QuickBooks error-related queries, you can also apply these methods and some of the solutions will surely assist you in troubleshooting the ongoing issues


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