Top 7 Probability And Statistics Books For 2021

Most students believe that statistics and probability topics are difficult and complex because they have to apply various formulas and theorems to solve the problems. 

They get confused while doing their work and think this is not their cup of tea. But there is nothing like that. Here we opine that students need some sort of suggestions and probability assignment help.

 In this blog, we will discuss the top 7 probability and statistics books. so that students can solve their problems with these updated and trending books.

But before that, let’s talk about statistics and probability.

Statistics is all about the data and the numerical data that we use to analyze survey reports. However, the probability is the study of calculating the ratio of likely events to the overall events.

Let’s look at the books that will help you learn mathematics, probability, and statistics topics.

An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications

Author- William Feller

Two volumes of this book are available online or offline. In the first volume, you will learn about discrete probability with an easy-to-understand description. This book is written in simple and straightforward language so that students can read it without a hitch. As the name suggests, this book gives you information on the probability theory with valuable content.

Probability and Statistics

Author- Morris H.DeGroot

For students interested in mathematics and who want to make their career in the field of math, this book is a great choice for them. This book contains all the relevant information that a student needs in one year, and it includes the sections of methods of Bayesian. The major significance of this book is that it provides knowledge of both the fields of probability and statistics.

Probability and Statistics for 12 Years Olds( and maybe you)

Author- David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth

This book is one of the basic probability and statistics books written in a language that even a child of 12 years can read it easier to gain interest in mathematics. In this book, the children and beginners can clear their basic concepts of probability and statistics who are weak in math. The author has written it with the help of tricks so that students and novices can understand it without facing any difficulty.

Introduction to Statistics

Author- Jim Frost

By reading this book, you can learn statistics without fear and can build a strong foundation in data analysis. This book will assist you in understanding statistics in simple language and formulas. In starting, you will read the overview of statistics and why it is helpful. 

Then it proceeds to the crucial statistical skills and knowledge about different types of relationships, data, distribution, etc. It will teach you the basics of statistics and why it is necessary for a data-driven society.

Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers

The book “Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers” gives a practical idea of probability and statistics methods. When students read this book, they can analyze the ways in which the material is relevant for their careers.

 It also contains a large number of examples and problem sets that show the applications of probability and statistics in real life. This book aims to applications and solutions of engineering and covers the topics like p-value, equivalence testing, and p-values combination.

The new edition of this book is fully updated and reflects real-world problem solutions with the help of statistics concepts. 

It uses MINITAB and JMP software instructions and content. This book covers various chapters such as big data, classification, machine learning, cluster analysis, etc. This book is also best for undergraduate students of science and engineering.

A First Course In Probability, Global Edition

Author- Sheldon Ross

This book is relevant for the Probability, statistics, mathematics, engineering, sciences graduate courses. It explores various rigorous applications of probability theory to the students.

The author includes a rich set of examples in this book so that readers can understand each aspect of the above fields. Apart from this, it also provides you with the exercises, text material, problems to increase your knowledge.


In this blog, we have covered the top 7 probability and statistics books that help the students and readers understanding both aspects deeply. These books assist the reader to associate these fields with real-life applications. 

 A person who wants to enhance his or her knowledge regarding both concepts can read these books. 

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