Victor Davis Hanson

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Victor Davis Hanson Biography and Early Life

Victor Davis Hanson is an American farmer and classicist as well as a military historian and writer. The birth of his son was on the 5th of September 1953 at Fowler, California, United States and had a childhood within Selma, California. He was the son of parents, Pauline Davis Hanson (Mother) and Allen Hanson (Father). He was raised by two brothers, named Nels Hanson as well as an identical twin brother known as Alfred Hanson.

Victor Davis Hanson Net Worth

Victor Davis Hanson is an American farmer classicalist, historian of the military and author with estimated fortune of $4 million. He earns more than $500k as a salary each year.

Victor Davis Hanson Career

Victor Davis Hanson has made writings, such as Warfare and Agriculture, which was his dissertation for his PhD in 1983. The year 1995 was the time he published The Other Greeks. He also published Mexifornia and in 2003, he published Ripples of Battle.

In 2011 he published The End of Sparta. He edited essays such as Bonfire of the Humanities in 2001, Makers of Ancient Strategy in 2010 and Between peace and war in 2004and The Father of Us All in the year 2010. He also wrote the book Carnage and Culture, where he claimed that the dominance of military in western civilization stems from fundamental elements in western civilization.

He was also the co-author of a book, titled”Who was the killer of Homer? The Decline of Classical Learning and the Rebirth of Greek Wisdom, where the author discussed classical education. In 2019, he spoke his support of Donald Trump by publishing the book the Case For Trump. He also was a skeptic of the Obama administration.

On a number of occasions, he’s claimed that Obama played a role in appeasing to Iran in addition to Russia. Hanson is an professor emeritus of California State University and he began his teaching at the University in 1984.

Victor Davis Hanson Education (High School and College)

Victor Davis Hanson studied at Selma High School. He also went to Cowell College, University of California, Santa Cruz and Stanford University.

Victor Davis Hanson Wife

Victor Davis Hanson is married to his wife Cara Hanson.

Victor Davis Hanson Religion

Victor Davis Hanson practices Christianity as a religion.

Victor Davis Hanson Kids

Victor Davis Hanson has two kids whose names are Susannah Merry Hanson (Daughter) and Pauline Davis Hanson Steinback (Daughter).

Victor Davis Hanson Siblings

Victor Davis Hanson grew up with two brothers named Nels Hanson, and an identical twin known as Alfred Hanson.

Victor Davis Hanson Hometown

Victor Davis Hanson’s home town is Selma, California, United States.

Victor Davis Hanson Residence

Victor Davis Hanson resides in California, United States.

Victor Davis Hanson Height and Weight

Victor Davis Hanson stands at 5 feet 10 inches. He weighs 76 Kgs.

Victor Davis Hanson Nationality and Ethnicity

Victor Davis Hanson is of American nationality. He is of Swedish-Welsh descent and descendance.

Social Media Presence

Hanson has more than 300,000 Twitter followers, more than 50 thousand Facebook followers, and Hanson can also be found on various other social media platforms.

Legal questions

Since he was the subject of press attention, as a university professor who has retired, Hanson hasn’t been implicated in any controversy, rumors or legal issues.

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