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What qualities are necessary in an International School for a successful Senior High School education in Japan?

In Japan, education is compulsory for everyone. The country, however, does not restrict children to receive its own national education system since there are people of other nationalities residing in Japan. It becomes extremely important to accommodate their demand for an International Curriculum. Making Japan one of the biggest hotspots for quality education as the Nation ranks amongst the top of the list of countries with an extravagantly successful education system. In Japan, the government is lauded for making sure that the country’s citizens achieve one hundred percent enrollment in compulsory grades with zero illiteracy and a system that promotes mannerly behavior, so that children learn to respect their own work as well as the work of others. To Japan, education has always had important goals in addition to acquisition of academic knowledge, intellectual growth or vocational skills. Moral education and character development are also among the central concerns. International schools in Japan usually have a medium of instruction in English with the Japanese language being an important subject as a part of their Curriculums. Although there are public schools that are open to English-Speaking children, there is often very little support available for non-Japanese speakers, which is why expats prefer to enroll their children into International schools that offer different curricula.

We’ve curated a list of International Schools in Japan that do justice in respect to what they offer to students in their Senior High School. These schools not only offer an International curriculum, but they also help in a holistic development of the child so that the student learns skills that help them in their careers and future goals as well as uphold the values they’ve been taught, throughout their entire lives.

The first one on our list is GIIS (Global Indian International School) Tokyo.

It is an International Curricula school in Japan. It has three campuses in Tokyo – Nishi Kasai campus, Higashi Kasai Campus and Seishincho Campus, all of them in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo. Their high school programme focuses on the cognitive, emotional and spiritual development of their students. It provides a structured system to support the needs of their students, with a curricula that revolves around skills-based learning and self-reflection in a digital environment around them. At GIIS, students are provided with a diverse option in curriculum, which makes learning flexible. The school often pushes for students to be multilingual and fluent in more than one language. They cater to the educational needs of students from different diaspora. They have the choice between Indian (CBSE) and International (IGCSE, IBDP) curricula to serve the different learning styles of different groups of students.

The second one in our list is – Seisen International School

It is an International school located in Setagaya-ki, Tokyo. Although it is a catholic school, they welcome students and faculties of all faiths and nationalities, and help cater to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 IB (International Baccalaureate). The school was established in the year 1962 A.D. The school accepts girls as their students, as it is their aim to empower women to prepare them to be Global leaders, critical thinkers and compassionate women of the future. They want to help their students to grow into becoming communicators, who take calculated risks to further their paths, to push them to collaborate with one another which ultimately turns them into reflective inquirers, who read to be knowledgeable people and hold a global perspective.

The third one on our list is Horizon Japan International School (HJIS) 

It is located along the Yokohama portside waterfront. The school describes itself as a place where students learn to become forthright global citizens and leaders who will help to build a peaceful world as they have served the educational needs of diverse families since 2003. They encourage students to become confident, committed individuals who are appreciative, by working together with others to empathize with their creative, curious, enthusiastic selves. The school believes in nurturing their students into becoming independent and tolerant individuals that keep respect as one of their top values. They challenge students with a highly productive, rigorous and engaging curriculum. The school also hopes to show its students how their choices and actions influence outcomes. It is proven that making meaningful choices is an essential part of the child’s cognitive and personal development.

We constantly keep a look out for institutions that live up to their promises, regarding what they have to offer to their future students. The above listed schools are the examples of the same.

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