What you need to know about CBSE schools in Pune

CBSE schools in Pune are quietly ushering in a quiet revolution in the city and the state of Maharashtra, when it comes to providing quality education to the very young. If you are a parent living in Pune and are eager to fill in your child’s school admission form, it may make eminent sense for you to consider putting your child into a CBSE school.

Pune in the past wasn’t exactly known for the excellence of its schools, the way Dehradun, Pune or Bangalore are known. Though it is home to the globally heralded Indian Institute of Management, Pune, the city is more known for its industrial, trade and business prowess than its academic excellence. 

The advent of a large number of top quality CBSE schools in Pune is set to change that forever. For one the CBSE curriculum is a tried and tested one that is being used by some of the top most India schools, both nationally and internationally. When parents in Pune put their children into a CBSE school they know for a fact that their children will receive a certain standard and quality of education. They also know that this will make it easier for their children to get admission in some of the best colleges and universities in India and even abroad.

Going to CBSE schools will level the playing field for these children and make them compete with the best of the best anywhere. Not only are CBSE schools now prolific in Pune, some of them are international schools boasting facilities and infrastructure of global standards. That marks a paradigm shift in  how people in Pune now look at education for their children. It’s no longer a question of their children receiving stellar education-they now aspire to give their children the best education anywhere in the world.

Lets  look at some of the best ranked Pune CBSE schools.


1. Global Indian International School

This is part of the globally recognized and acclaimed GIIS network of international schools.  They provide world class education to students right from nursery level to class 12. They offer some of the best curricula in the world including Global Montessori and CBSE. Needless to say that their infrastructure and facilities are world class. What’s more, they provide a range of generous scholarships to students who excel in sports and academics.


2. Euro School 

They are renowned for what they call the Balanced Schooling approach. What that does is to produce confident as well as responsible people by providing them with an ideal combination of academics and co-curricular activities. They use the reinforce-practice-apply mantra to make their students excel themselves in whatever they take up. Their expert educators ensure that the students who study at this school possess all the 21st century skills required to get ahead in life.


3. Airport School

One of the best CBSE schools in Pune, it caters to the educational needs of the children of the employees of Airport Authority of India, the school has made quite a name for itself since its founding in 1977. It teaches students from the pre primary to the senior secondary level. It boasts stellar facilities including e learning facilities and is known for its stellar standard of teaching. 


4. Ananda Global School

This school was established in 2017 and has already established a stellar reputation for its high standards of teaching and excellent facilities. From huge playgrounds to air conditioned classrooms and from smart boards to CCTV, they provide everything that you would expect in a world school. No wonder it has already become a much sought after school in the short duration of its existence.


The large number of CBSE schools in Pune are changing the educational landscape of the city by turning out a large number of CBSE students who are as good as the best in the country and abroad. Going forward one can expect them to do  extremely well for themselves and bring glory to their school, city, state and country. 

Studying at schools with world class facilities and teaching practices makes a paradigm change to how the young people shape up in life. It gives them a new world view which allows them to compete with the very best everywhere.

In this era of globalization and digitization, these schools are going to ensure that the youth of Pune get all the tools required to make a mark in their lives. The days ahead will see many of them make it very big in life-in India and abroad. That is only fair considering that Pune is home to the numero uno management institute of India, the IIM Pune.

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