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Why do most people have fear of speaking English in public?

Fear to speak in public is quite common and especially when you have to speak in English. We know many people who are fluent in English, but still, they are afraid of public speaking. So, think of those people who are not good at English, how will they be able to face people? They fear a lot that what if they utter some wrong words or what if people start making a joke of them.

Well, with public speaking we didn’t mean that you have to address the audience. But in general also, when people need to have some conversations with their friends or batch mates, they feel nervous. Especially, when they are aware that their friends are fluent in English but they are not. If you are also one of them who fears speaking English in public, then you are at the right place. Here, we will not only help you know why people face the problem when they have to speak in English. But along with that, we will also help you know, how to gain confidence to speak English in public.

Poor command in the English Language

One of the main reasons why people fear speaking English in public is because of poor command in the English language. When you don’t know how to speak English in the right way, this kind of fear is natural. But this doesn’t mean that you will never be able to speak in English ever. No matter what your age is or from which place you are coming, there is no limitation to learning English.

If you want to overcome the fear of English speaking in public, you need to join an English speaking course. By taking this course, you will be able to improve your English speaking. Whether you have to speak in public or at an interview, after this course, you will be able to do it with ease.

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Lack of confidence

At times, we are not confident enough to speak in English in front of many people. When it comes to having a conversation with someone in English, we may do it in the right way. But when it comes to discuss things or share things in English with other people, we step back. This happens due to the lack of confidence because usually, we are not habitual of speaking English in public. So, we feel that what if we say something wrong or what if we pronounce any work wrong. We need to overcome this situation and we need to gain confidence to speak in English without hesitation.

This is possible only if you start speaking in English quite often because then you will become confident. To improve your English, you can take a basic spoken English course also. It will help you in speaking English in the right way so that you stay confident when speaking among others.

Not being able to speak English in the correct way

When speaking English, you not only need to be fluent in English. But you should also be aware of what to say or answer and how to do it. You may be good at English, but your way of speaking might not be good. Some people are aware of it and the others are not and they continue speaking English in the wrong way. Often people make fun of these people because of their incorrect English speaking.

To learn to speak English in the correct way, you must take help from an English teacher online India. The teacher will guide you about your mistakes and will help you improvise your English language.

If you want to develop this skill of English speaking in public, then consider taking our suggestions. With the help of English speaking classes like Awal English, it is possible to develop this skill. You will be able to speak in English in public without any fear, once you will have a good command of the English language.

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