Why IBDP in Singapore is a good idea

Singapore is a city-state nonpareil that attracts the best talent from around the world to come and work here. Many talented people have come here and fallen in love with this vibrant city that boasts a standard of living as good as any in the world. One of the important reasons why expats love to not only work here, but also settle in the city, apart from its opulence and wealth is its stellar quality of education.

With some of the best schools and colleges in the world Singapore is one of the best places in the world to receive an education. In particular, its international schools that offer leading global curriculums, as also the all important IBDP program. That apart, it has some of the best managed online schools anywhere, something that is so important in these times of a global pandemic.

As regards the IBDP program, it assumes special importance on account of the fact that expat students are quite keen on availing it. Let us look in some detail why that is so.

IBDP in Singapore empowers expat students

The IBDP program is something that expat students in Singapore invariably enrol for. This is because this system of education is compatible with what the top universities of the world offer. Since almost all the expat students studying in Singapore schools plan to gain admission in a leading international university, an IBDP in Singapore puts them on a sound footing in that regard.

The fact that there is a very large number of international and world schools in Singapore that offer the program makes the expat student population there feel sanguine about their future prospects. It also affords confidence to their parents to put their children into a Singapore school, as they know that the latter will face no problems in obtaining admission in the top colleges and universities of the world.

 It is not surprising, therefore, to find students from a range of nationalities, including Indian, Canadian, British, American, Australian and so on studying at international schools in Singapore. As a matter of fact the sheer number of IB schools in Singapore is indicative of the high standards of its education system.

The other important thing that many expat parents and indeed even the local ones expect from a good Singapore school is online education. Let us examine this in some detail.

The Growing Importance of Online Schools in Singapore

There are several important reasons for the growing popularity of online schools in Singapore. For one, education is getting digitized globally on account of the many inherent advantages that it provides. With technologies like virtual and augmented reality making learning so much more fun and relatable, online learning delivers in a manner that traditional education cannot. That apart, the ability to update knowledge and information in real time is again a unique ability that only online education can provide. As is the ability to receive real time coaching and feedback.

The other advantage that online school education provides is the ability to study even when schools have had to close on account of the pandemic. This has ensured that top class education has still been imparted to students at home using state of the art digital means.


Singapore is quite a global hub of education and that is for good reason. With global school chains from around the world having a marked presence there, expat students can obtain admission in just the kind of school that suits their purpose. That apart, the fact that IBDP Singapore programs are quite ubiquitous in the city, makes the expat students quite confident of obtaining admission in a university of their choice after finishing school.

Add to that the fact that online school education has been taken very seriously in Singapore with even the government doing its best to promote it. The fact that leading global and local schools have aggressively adopted online schooling has meant that the time students have had to stay away from school on account of the pandemic induced lockdown has been fully utilized. 

It is not surprising that Singapore schools have managed to step up to the plate and deliver, as that is something that is inherent to the city’s vey spirit. There is no doubt about the fact that Singapore’s reputation as an education powerhouse will only grow in the years ahead.


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