Why should you choose International School in Abu Dhabi for your child?

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. This city has a lot of people; hence no one feels lonely. This city is known for its rapid development and oil reserves. It is also known to have relatively high average income. The standard of living is very good and this city is renowned for its modern infrastructure.

Education builds the foundation of a person and makes them world-class citizens. The standard of education offered in Abu Dhabi is one of the best in the world. While the fee at international schools might seem exorbitant, Abu Dhabi’s education fee is more budget-friendly as compared to its neighbouring city, Dubai.  

Advantages of an International School in Abu Dhabi:

1)UK curriculum

In addition to the UK curriculum, there are schools in Abu Dhabi that also follow the American, Asian, Australian, or European curriculums.

2)The medium of communication is English

In most international schools of Abu Dhabi, English is used, and a lot of attention is paid to improving a student’s grammar and fluency. However, basic Arabic is a compulsory language to study along with English.

3)The school timings are very convenient for students as well as parents

International Schools usually start at 7 am and end at 2 pm. These timings often suit students as they can make time for extracurricular activities

4)There’s no gender segregation

In international schools, the class is not divided based on gender like other schools.

5)Emphasis is given to Maths and Science

Most students find these two subjects challenging, so schools here create easy methods for students to grasp the most they can. 

6)International Schools are assessed every two years

The Abu Dhabi Department of education and knowledge was formulated to ensure the schools perform their best. Reports on all schools’ strengths and weaknesses are published and anyone can access them.

7)Extracurricular activities

We all know how important it is today to possess talent. Most international schools in Abu Dhabi have music recording studios, art clubs, dance studios and sports facilities for children.

The Best Four International Schools in Abu Dhabi

There are 64 international schools in Abu Dhabi. However, the schools which take the cake are American International School, Gems World Academy, Global Indian International School (GIIS), and Amity International School. These schools make it on our list as they are well known for having top connections with universities such as Oxford, Harvard, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, and The London School of Economics. These schools are also well known for the opportunities and scholarships they provide to students, for instance, Global Indian International School (GIIS) offers the 9Gems Holistic development scholarship for students in grades 6th to 10th. 


Most international schools and Montessori schools admit children as young as 3 or 4 years of age. However, if you don’t want your child to start so young these schools are open to welcome your child at any age. However, ‘early birds’ have an edge as they get into the school of their choice more easily. In addition, most schools in Abu Dhabi are located downtown. This city is known as the education hub for a reason. It has the best set of international schools for your ward.

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